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2nd-Jun-2012 09:26 am - MV:VD: MALE CAST SOLO VIDS [mv, review, vd]
hyde you!


l = lyrics, b = beat/rhythm (faster tempo songs), m = melody/mood (slower songs), c = character fitting/chemistry, w = spoken words (audio clips), e = effects/editing that made impact, mup = made up plot (big au)

(This key was added later, so on earlier sets I went back and put it in for *** and up.)

(Mind you the scoring was made throughout a long period so, I believe as time progressed I started subconsciously scoring on a 5 star as opposed to 4 star scale. Possibly also it started varying when I got into categories with much less quality and thus it was scored for within that group). So things might vary by half a star or so in comparison, however some did get re-scored.) (space between stars indicates half (ex ** * =2.5)

(Once again these were mainly gathered around mid second season and I’m finishing all that.)


2nd-Jun-2012 08:40 am - MV: VD: FEMALE CAST SOLO VIDS [mv, review, vd]
hyde you!


l = matching to lyrics, b = beat/rhythm (faster tempo songs), m = melody/mood (slower songs),
c = character fitting/chemistry, w= spoken words (audio clips), e= effects/editing that made impact ,

mup=made up plot (big au)

(This key was added later, so on earlier sets I went back and put it in for *** and up.)

(Mind you the scoring was made throughout a long period so, I believe as time progressed I started subconsciously scoring on a 5 star as opposed to 4 star scale. Possibly also it started varying when I got into categories with much less quality and thus it was scored for within that group). So things might vary by half a star or so in comparison, however some did get re-scored.) (space between stars indicates half (ex ** * =2.5)

(Once again these were mainly gathered around mid second season and I’m finishing all that.) (Oh and just because it isn’t embedded doesn’t mean avoid it;A limit must be set somewhere.)


23rd-Mar-2012 08:59 am - Tom Felton, new movie Graduate-esque [hp]
So, I just found out, in reading fanfiction reviews nonetheless, that Tom Felton is to be in a new movie that basically is The Graduate opposite Sharon Stone. She's his teacher and gets involved with her only to later hook up with her daughter. its called Attachment.

So while many are weary cause they still picture him tiny at twelve, I'm happy for him. I was disappointed to see him in his role in the Rise of the Planet of the Apes but i figured it was to get his foot into the door of US Hollywood with an American dialect even though he played a git. So I think it is a good move on his part to be able to branch out and get noticed more.
  And hey, Dan went naked on stage and Rupert had sex scenes (and lots of violence) in his movies on the side so its not like Tom is the first of the child cast to do it. Therefore I assume this movie is planned to be more of a blockbuster than those as they were stage and indy I suppose.
11th-Jan-2012 12:05 pm - MV: VD: Crossovers ^__^ [mv, vd]
hyde you!

these are mainly judged on how seamlessly the two are edited/mashed together and of course how great of a video.

So to start off are movies, definitely not as great as the shows (further down). But crossover vids are very fun no matter what. And doing good crossover vids is just super awesome. The time it takes to match scenery and wardrobe and then even dialogue and getting them in frame together.... wow.

CROSSOVER:Collapse )
11th-Jan-2012 11:27 am - MV: VD: 122, Music Videos, Movie Trailers [mv, vd]
hyde you!

okay this group is basically a link between the last post and the upcoming post. Thus placement here.

continueCollapse )
7th-Jan-2012 10:47 pm - MV: VD Cast vids [mv vd]

Kay, now I haven't updated this list whatsoever. So this list was made somewhere around mid season 2.

eventually at some point i’ll look for more.

Now the thing that sucks the most is that the majority of my absolute favorite vids are no longer available. Super bummer.

Now I rated these at some point and it was based on editing, lyrics, amusement value, how much I think it fits, how much I can stand the song, and so forth. I may not fully agree with my ratings now but I am not going to redo them.


7th-Jan-2012 09:37 pm - This Just In [rv]
hyde you!
Okay I just found out something that makes Nolan and revenge even way better.

okay so if you are not watching the show here are things it has that should make you at least want to try it:
it is a good soap.
it has kyle from roswell. and yes as a starring role.
it has a good soundtrack that is based on themes- which of course we know make the best type of soundtracks.

and i just found out that the best character (nolan ross) 's actor Gabriel Mann was born in NEW HAVEN.
c'mon, doesn't that scream awesomeness?
(mind you don't look at imdb, lok at everywhere else for his birthplace)
apparently his mom , founded high school in the community.
7th-Jan-2012 08:58 pm - MV: Nolan on Revenge [mv, rv]
hyde you!
this is my dedication to mo, who i find out watches revenge too and thinks Nolan is the best and quite right too.

its weird, the majority of the revenge vids i've come across are almost good. its like they have good pieces and the rest doesn't quite work right as if they just posted them partially don't on a time limit. lucky i did come across a few good ones and luckily they were centered on nolan.

To the VidsCollapse )
15th-Sep-2011 04:21 pm - Vampire Diaries Openings [mv, toplist, vd]
hyde you!
okay its been forever since i posted anything- basically the midwest years. i kept meaning to the last year and had things done for it but not finished and excuse excuse, nothing posted.

but i'll do this to start.

and yes i should embed this but i cant quite get it right at the moment and this way you know i'm back. ^______^

okay for those of you who actually have been a a follower of mine but havent seen the show- its been my favorite show airing on tv for the past two years. it came as a brillant suprise and i didnt think it was going to be of any work but dude it totally rocks. especially after the first few eps and they get into a groove and it awesome. people get killed left and right in that show and i know we were dumbfounded on how it was so. thus i didnt know what to expect to happen in terms of plot and that was really cool.

so anyway since like last novemeber i started to complile a list of vd vids over that first show break and then did it again with the next break come feb. i got a lot done then watching hundreds of vids and was hoping to get it up before it came back to finish s2 but didnt. i havent updated this list since then just yet but s3 premiere is on tonight so decided to post this category in its honor. yay.

alright so onto to the vids.

now unfortunately, like many of todays shows, vd doesnt have an opening. but here you have fan made ones. ive said ive viewed many and so here are the top ones. to keep things simple ill only embed the winner of the category and link the rest.


- new years *  (this has a espanol, upn feel)

- not alone in the dark  *  (euro feel)

- give me something to believe  **  (2005 feel)

- call me *** (almost fits, but 90's ish)

- harder to breathe  *** (96ish)

- you don't belong s1 *** (2004ish)

- ultra numb s2 *** (2004ish)

and now the winner. it is two vids since a season 1 and 2 were done. its absolutely bloody perfect and just so freakinly awesome.
houses s1 ****

- houses s2 ****

now because it was so great it inspired a bunch of other vids and these are the top that still exist:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80gkvdMRflk ***
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ySp0fEAsVE **


now still opening but to other theme songs. these were hard to rate since there is not only how much it goes with the song but how well to the original show's premise as well as vd. so no marks. but these are the top so voila.



One Tree Hill:



Tru Calling:



True Blood:

and the winner.  this vid fits everything perfectly - both the feel of vd and tb as well as the song. it's done to the song and lyrics well and i just love certain spots of it (try and guess which)
21st-Sep-2008 03:17 pm - Torchwood MVs Part 2: The Couples [mv, twdw]
hyde you!

now there are more couples than these. but i avoided a bunch, or delved in only a little, say like owen/diane or jack/realjack. it was an overwhelming process as it was (and because of that maybe a few slipped in that shouldn't have).

Onto the MVsCollapse )
hyde you!
i started off doing this with a few lines for each one, whose it about and spoilers for which season. thats a but thats a lot of work so i just kept bits here and there.
Clips are from Doctor Who Season 1,3,4. Torchwood Season 1,2.

I dont want to show all vids. so the tops are embeded while the other good ones are just linked.

like the fanfiction world, it seems that Ianto and then Jack dominates the video world.
now i avoided a lot of slower songs and emo songs and all those types i dont like. alas, that also meant less owen and tosh (and in turn it cut a lot of Ianto's territory down).


Blow Me Away

Banned From Argo

The Sex Made Me Stupid

original version (each have parts that are better): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWZHENuZ4PA


Bad Guys

The Monster Mash
Heyo Captain Jack
Time Warp
Maybe Tomorrow is a Better Day
If Everyone Cared
We Are



Captain Scarlet
Robot Heart

It's in His Kiss
(like the song, this one is cute, esp the dancing bits)

Who Does Jack Really Want?
(The most amusing thing about this vid and what makes it so darling is what songs are chosen for which person. I die everytime it gets to Ianto. )


5th-Sep-2008 06:31 pm - Torchwood end s2 and s3 rumors rant. [twdw]
hyde you!

torchwood smaller
In case your not familiar with Torchwood, here is its quick explaination/intro:


What are my feelings at the end of s2? well leave it up to Owen and Tosh to answer:



Sure, its sci-fi and so there is still hope, but no light is to be seen in the near future.
I just cant believe they killed off Owen and Toshiko. Owen more so then Toshiko.{Fans' Reaction} No don't get me wrong, i like and value Toshiko. I like the fact that there is the really smart character that isnt a dweeb and kooky as often portrayed say like Willow in Buffy or those Canadians in stargate atlantis. No, she was quiet and reserved. So for said reason, were she to be killed off it wouldnt be as substantal since Tosh often faded into the wood work. Now Owen on the other hand was at front center. He was their most valuable player, he was the medic/bio guy and the action man. Not only that but he is also my favorite character.
And season two was very much the Owen season and thus by extention a good Owen/Tosh season. So he was great and all and then nearing mid season they did this:

He became a zombie basically. He was undead without healing abilities in contrast to Jack who is filled with endless life and restorative abilities. So we bid to figure out when will Owen be "cured". It would be stupid and unbelievable to have him fixed before the finale. But you need him fixed because he is bound to break a leg or arm and become useless. But no they decided to give him one of the most horrifing deaths possible instead.

But is all hope lost? I really hope not, or like Krys says, it means the end of Torchwood. So It's sci-fi and their purpose is to constantly attend the time-space rift and are a spinoff to the time-travelling Dr.Who. Both star characters who have life restoration possibilities. So its highly probable. And not only that both actors (Tosh's amd Owen's) are welcome to coming back.
Tosh hasnt had her 2nd death yet like her teammates and her body is frozen in the torchwood morgue.
Whereas Owen's body is thought to be evaserated. Though like Burn (Owen) said, you don't know maybe Owen escaped to the sewer to become the king of the weevils. So yeah, maybe the weevils saved him and got him out of there ^__^. Though to me what would be more intriging is dealing with what exactly happened to Owen to put him in that undead state. Owen says in a fight, that his soul has left him-but we dont know. If anything I think his soul has been reattached to his dead body. And let's not forget he freakin fought Death- literally and physically. and he won! So doesn't that mean death fears him and so if his body is destroyed then his body is still stuck on this plane of existence!?!?

But let us not over look the conspiracy that has taken over Torchwood.



Now the history of Torchwood 3.

1999- The head of Torchwood 3 kills off all the members including himself, leaving it to Jack for his 100yrs of duty. Afterall he can't kill him effectively.
0 - No, I'm not counting Jack among the smart people, he has multi-life experience. The zero is for dying before coming onto the show.
1- Suzie. The tech expert. When she goes, its up to Tosh to pick up the slack.
2- Owen, medic and bio expert.
3- Tosh, the computer expert plus math and other skills.
The three characters that have been there 4yrs. Is there an experation date to survival?

So now what? Who picks up the slack? We got action couple and tea man. Sure Ianto started to become action man to fill Jack's absence between seasons. But he still is a damsel until pushed into extreme action. So he did the cyberwoman thing- but by his own admission he just did as instructed. Ianto is basically the historian. No way can he fill the shoes.

So who are they bringing in for the 5 episode s3?

Well, Who knows about Torchwood? There is Rhys, but i'm sure he doesn't really want in as he knows his capabilities. And then there is Gwen's ex-partner. Gwen doesnt think he has the balls to do it. And well it doenst look it no matter how much i like him. But hey, they might be desperate.

But what rumours have I heard without delving too far into Dr. Who spoilers?
Well what character were we scared of replacing Owen before and had a few ep arc in s2? Well, that would be Martha. She got her md. And futhermore I dont like her. i dont think she fits and of course she sucks. She sucks enough that she didnt last on Dr.who...but there is a rumor that she accepted another acting deal so hopefully she wont be there for long and just be a temp.
And who else can we import from Doctor Who?
There's Mickey. Now, i like Mickey. and yeah im pretty sure he can join up like Owen with extreme heartbreak under his sleeve. I can see him being able to fit in. It depends on the changes of his character through s2-s4 of dw which i have yet to see, but he has that sad air about him that the other characters of torchwood had. plus i lik him. But really, what can he do? Krys says he can serve the tea. So yeah he can replace Ianto's former job well enough. I dontknow how much action he can handle-but he has dealt with aliens, and im sure he got better through the dr. who seasons and afterall he can get training. I think he'd have the will.

But boo.. I really hope this just lasts for that small time. Hey Rose comes back seasons later to Dr. who, so its fully possible here.
The Doctor Who people, are just too happy, dont know how they handle post watershed. And hey, if they catch Jack's eye, their survival rate jumps way up as a team member. Or maybe they just need to make sure to stand on his rightside in photo ops.
jareth wind
Okay this image has been burned into my retina and thus i must show you. consider it making up for my lack of chemical burn pics.

31st-Jul-2008 07:59 pm - HBP trailer [hp]

in case you havent seen the trailer for hp6 i have it here. as cool as it is, i feel disappointment in the lack of snape and malfoy.

31st-Jul-2008 11:54 am - what im suffering from now
so a number of days ago i was attacked in my bed by what krys claims is a tarantula but i clainm a lesser spider. daddy thinks maybe ant. anyway, as you may know my bed is alligned with my windows so that i sleep at its level and it faces my whole left side. so i woke one morning with bits on my neck, elbow, stomach, thigh, calve (all left side) and then on the inner side of my right ankle. nastiest was on my elbow thigh and calve.
so i went through a number of self applications.

and now currently on my thigh and calve there are huge red areas complete with multiple blisters and such. really nasty looking. i was fired from my sous-shef postion for krys's bday meal, told to avoid the kitchen, dont touch krys or anywhere he may rest. you know, in case i infect anything.

so i decided to look it up and see if i can find what occured. appearently i suffer from a rare reaction that gave me nice chemical burns. yay.

you can read basically exactly what happened, complete with picture here in this study: 

17th-Jul-2008 04:09 pm - 100 Stars 100-Day Countdown. [5566, adrama, twdrama]
hyde creepy
Since ali asked about who else is involved here in the 100 Stars 100-day countdown
here are all of them.

how many can you recognize?
if you cant even get that ONE, than i no longer can be your friend.

mv (found later with subs and labels):


However if you want S.H.E., drink coke:

And here's a torch for you:
17th-Jul-2008 11:00 am - Sam Wang and 5566 and 183 club [183, 5566, adrama, twdrama]
hyde red
So i've been talking about Jiro a lot but what about my other boy band boyfriend?
alas, i ihavent gotten around to the magicians of Love posts so thus he never got his own lj entry.

but anyway 183 club, remember them:

currently averaging less than 180cm. so they are now officially down to three-it was rumored but now official. one to professional basketball and the other cause of drugs and partying. but without fernando, i think they are hurt vocally a lot so its quite up to elho now.

but luckily my boy Sam has his first group here:

but dont worry they can go the other direction too
(Ying Ye 3+1 intro by the way):

But anyway the point of this entry?

We got to watch all the Olympic performance stuff (if they actual show it over here)cause they are part of the welcoming group for Beijing. Better yet they are spokesgroup for Taiwan.

So let them welcome you with this number:

yes ali its up to you to memorize this and sing it all through the Olympics.

though this Olympic number from before is more spiffy:

16th-Jul-2008 10:47 pm - SYTYCD4 Top10 [sytycd]
Dancing Crazy (by SDWolfpup)
So yes i think this is a weaker season., however this ep wasnt bad so i think things will get better.
i always couldnt stand gev and courney and didnt understand why their asses were being kissed so much. however seperated, now they are better, esp gev. still not my favorites but im not hating them now and am actually liking gev. comfort was my girl in lasvegas and on but i dont like her so much now. possibly cause she lost two parners who i liked and she hasnt been improving. and boy was her first dance tonight horrible.

so my favorites?
joshua, chelsea, and mark.

 joshua gets props for being hip hop but doing the sambas and such awesomely. shall we see?

hip hop:

samba (dude, joshua totally won me over here):

now time to be bombarded by mark and chelsea - giving you everything i could find, heh heh.

start off slow with the contemporary:





and last, so far my absolute favorite routine of season three.
hip hop:

alas, the couple are now mixed around so i wont see this great acting duo.
16th-Jul-2008 10:18 am - It Started With A Kiss [adrama, jiro, twdrama]
hyde you!
The show that brought me JIRO!!!!!!

Based on the manga "Itazura na Kiss" .

from dramawiki: After an earthquake destroyed Xiang Qin's house, she and her father moved in with the family of her father's college buddy, Uncle Ah Li. To her surprise, the kind and amicable aunt and uncle are the parents of her cold and distant schoolmate Jiang Zhi Shu, a genius with an IQ of 200 whom not too long ago rejected her endless crush on him. Will the close proximity give her a second chance to win Zhi Shu's heart? Or, will her love for him end under his cold words? What happens when there is competition for his heart?
Follows the characters over a span of years in which the poor lead boy gets the girl beaten in to him by her and his mom.


This is my second Twainese show after Meteor Garden and it seems i saw it right when it came out. It had the worst subtitling job ever, and it was awhile til I figured out all the tree talk was when every so often they'd translate names as well. However, that didn't stop me from falling in love with Jiro (in his first big role) and his character Ah Jin. Even with the crap translations it is funny and definately has one of the most hilarious scenes ever that had Krys and I dying.
I plan to watch it again with better subs once the sequel has finished being subbed.

  • Ariel Lin as Yuan Xiang Qin
  • Joe Cheng as Jiang Zhi Shu
  • Jiro Wang as Jin Yuan Feng
  • Tiffany Xu as Pei Zi Yu
  • Cyndi Chaw as Ah Li's wife / Jiang Zhao Zi
  • Zhang Yong Zheng as Jiang Ah Li
  • Tang Tsung Sheng as Yuan You Cai
  • Zhang Bo Han as Jiang Yu Shu
  • Candice Liu as Liu Ya Nong
  • Petty Yang as Lin Chun Mei
  • Jason as Wang Hao Qian
  • Bianca Bai as Bai Hua Lan

    Being the Jiro fan that i am, i was on the hunt for a Jiro vid, alas it was all Ariel and Joe except for this one. It made me all heartbroken for his character again.

    And then I found a Jiro/Ariel/WuChun one and i was like Chun was in it really? and i was watching it and i was like he was that guy? and i dont remember? and laughing at it his ill stage presence since i totally couldnt remember. I then found out it was ISWAK and Tokyo Juliet combined. oops. and talk about nasty hair wu chun! (oh spoilers)
  • 16th-Jul-2008 12:29 am - FLN's Aaron mystery solved [flh, jiro]
    So i'm on you tube looking at bts and other stuff.

    here is the bts (subbed) for xin wo. in it calvin makes fun of aaron for never dancing: 

    SO, anyway i earlier found out he had to go for leg surgery,

    However here are details.

    So here we have the BTS for "wo you wo de young" in it you see how Aaron gets injured and some after math,

    And more details i found:

    he went to surgery to mend his right kneecap and the surgery was suppose to be 20 mins. but the doctors during the surgery the doctors realized his old injury from last year came and his ligament broke again!! so they had to fix both and the surgery was about 2 hours. 
    and becuse the anthesnic was only for 20 mins, arron woke up in the middle of the surgery and screamed. and was reshot. now he has to rest his leg and use crutches with a metal brace for 6 months at least if he wants to dance again. 


    But a kiss will make it better ^____^ :
    (Calvin is such a wuss.)
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