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Kou Shun'u
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23rd-Oct-2007 03:01 pm - furuba [fb]
so i beleive i have decided to read fruits basket scanlations.
why? cause i want to and im so behind in the current story. and even when i still subscribed it was basically me ohing and awing at the pictures and trying to figure out what was gonig on for those last 2yrs.

the thing that sucks i dont quite know where i left off. sure ill back track but how far?
i can currently get up to chapter 136.

now do i want to start all the way back at chapter 1? do i really? 
maybe i should at least start at their second year together? or maybe at least when the last of the zodiac- the rooster is introduced?

does anyone want to read along with me?

looks further!!!!! holy crap it ended!??!!?!?!?!
last november? 
dude is this hyd all over again?

okay it has 23 volumes. what do i have up to 17?

dude see what happens when you havent been to ny in awhile?
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